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Fawry: Turbocharged Incentives

Case Study

Turbocharging Retail Success with Fawry

Fawry, a leading provider of e-payments and digital finance solutions in Egypt, identified a challenge in effectively conveying the value and mechanics of their monthly rewards program, Turbo, to retailers. The problem lay in articulating the benefits in a way that resonated with busy merchants, ensuring they understood the potential advantages for their businesses. The goal was to encourage retailers to actively participate in the Turbo program, fostering loyalty and maximizing the benefits available to them.

Approach & Solution:
To tackle the challenge, we devised an approach centered around creating an engaging and informative explainer video. The goal was to simplify the complexities of the Turbo rewards program and present it in a way that would captivate retailers, clearly outlining the incentives and ease of participation. The video aimed to showcase how Turbo could be a game-changer in enhancing retailer profitability and customer satisfaction.

The Turbo Rewards Program explainer video achieved notable outcomes:
- Increased Program Enrollment.
- Positive Feedback.
- Measurable Business Impact, Increased customer loyalty & a boost in sales.

Fawry's Turbo Rewards Program explainer video effectively addressed the challenge of communicating the intricacies of the monthly rewards program to retailers. By combining a compelling narrative, and visual storytelling, Fawry successfully engaged retailers and motivated them to actively participate in Turbo. The video not only served as an educational tool but also as a catalyst for positive business outcomes, solidifying Fawry's position as a forward-thinking provider of digital finance solutions in the Egyptian market.





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