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Target Misr EXPO

Elevating Real Estate Future in Egypt




Target Misr EXPO


Real Estate

01 Problem

Target Misr EXPO sought to boost its lead generation efforts for the fourth edition of its international real estate exhibition. The challenge was to effectively engage potential clients and promote exclusive investment opportunities within a short time frame leading up to the event on May 13th and 14th, 2022.

02 Approach & Solution

To address the lead generation challenge, our team devised a comprehensive video content strategy. The solution involved a multi-faceted video campaign strategically disseminated across Target Misr EXPO's social media platforms, with a focus on Facebook. The content was optimized for maximum reach, resonance, and shareability.

03 Impact

The videos achieved the following:
- Increased Engagement.
- Wider Reach.
- Positive Reception.
- Improved Lead Generation.

04 Conclusion

The video-centric approach proved to be highly effective in achieving the goal of enhancing lead generation for Target Misr EXPO. The combination of informative content, engaging visuals, and strategic dissemination led to increased awareness, positive reception, and a tangible impact on audience engagement.


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