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Thndr: Investing in Football Club, and Beyond

Case Study

Opening Doors to Stock Market Opportunities with Thndr

Thndr, sought to enhance user engagement and generate leads through a video campaign focused on Ghazl El-Mahalla, the first Egyptian football club to go public on the Egyptian stock market. The challenge was to communicate the significance of this event and demonstrate how Thndr could empower users to invest not only in the football club but also in other companies in the stock market.

Approach & Solution:
Our video strategically positioned Thndr as the gateway to a new era of investment, showcasing the ease with which users could diversify their portfolios. By emphasizing Ghazl El-Mahalla's unique position in the stock market and the broader investment landscape, the video aimed to drive user interest and registrations on the Thndr platform.

The lead generation video we created resulted in the following:
- Increased Engagement.
- Increased Lead Generation.
- Increased Brand Awareness.

Through a strategic blend of storytelling, and compelling visuals, the lead generation video successfully communicated the unique investment opportunity presented by Ghazl El-Mahalla's IPO. By showcasing Thndr as the avenue for users to participate in this financial journey, the video not only generated leads but also positioned the platform as a key player in the dynamic landscape of stock market investments.





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