The fire within our hearts that started this journey is still here, and we are really excited to tell our own stories and also to tell yours.

Back in 2011 we (Ahmed Osman & Ahmed El Sleet) were young and full of enthusiasm and wanted to do a lot of things, but above all we wanted to tell stories and for these stories to be heard.

The key to our ambition was this magical number 301, For anyone who have used youtube for a long time, he will know that back in the days when you create a viral video, Youtube’s view counter used to stuck at 301 and you will have to wait till the next day to know how many views did you get.

From here on we became passionate about creating videos, as a very powerful tool that can deliver a message and tell a story. We were fascinated by this idea of going viral and even seeing or hearing or videos in the streets.

For the next 4 years we experimented a lot in content and media creation, besides our academic studies in engineering. During this period that we co-founded el “eispitalia” the viral medical show, alongside Eman El-Emam.

Video after video, we started to develop a product that has a real need, we studied more and more about what business means, and how to create a business model. And during this period we embraced the idea of entrepreneurship as a lifestyle and as a way to start something from the ground up.

Content is king, we truly believe that, Our first big client “” came through content, and through hard work and so much development during the next 5 years, it was followed by over 170 near and dear clients to us in Egypt, Saudi arabia, USA, and Gulf area,  just to mention a few: World health organization, Fawry, Flat6Labs, Abu Ghaly motors, Zamel, ABC Bank, B-tech…and so much more.

We are proud of the journey that our product has taken, and we can feel the difference in every aspect of it. 

In our continuous journey to follow our passion we created “Motheer” another facebook show that generated a lot of views and followers.

The fire within our hearts that started this journey is still here, and we are really excited to tell our own stories and also to tell yours.


Ahmed Osman and Ahmed El-Sleet

C0-Founder & CEO

Ahmed Osman

Co-Founder & COO

Ahmed Sleet

Co-founder & Creative Director

Ahmed AbulHuda

Director & Partner

Islam Fouda

Senior Business Developer

Hamees Hesham

Business Developer & Account Manager

Khaled Usama


Alaa Nabil


Mai Saeed


Salma Amr

Video Editor

Shereef El Gemeizy

Content Creator

Abdullah Ibrahim

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