Corporate Video

Communicate your enterprise.

What is a corporate video?

All video communications made by your enterprise to a specific audience whether internally or externally.


Is it for you?

  • If you need training videos.
  • If you need videos for the purposes of internal communications and relying information to employers.
  • If you want to showcase your company’s or organization’s social responsibility efforts.
  • If you want to show financial results to stakeholders.
  • If you want to have a video that focuses more on internal communications you can check Internal Video.
  • If you want to have a video that focuses more on your company or organization itself and the story behind it you can check Business Video.

Benefits of corporate videos:

  • It helps you to explain things better, easier and in a more efficient way.
  • Gives you an opportunity for a strong call-to-action.
  • Leaving an imprint on the viewer that builds trust and increases your brand awareness.

How do we produce it?

  1. Strategy.
  2. Scriptwriting.
  3. Storyboard Development.
  4. Voice Over Recording.
  5. Motion Graphics Design.
  6. Animating.
  7. Sound Effects & Music
  8. Translation/Subtitles / Foreign Voice (If needed)
  9. Delivery.  
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