The Hero is The Egg! Hills Case Study

The Hero is The Egg!

Organic Food, Eggs Farm.

The client wanted to reach out to people who live in Giza, where the client distributes cartons of Hills Eggs. He had no online presence, though he wanted people to know his brand and ask supermarkets about it.

Why would anyone remember a brand for eggs? The average person in Egypt doesn’t care about egg brands, and that’s because they’re so rare. We created Mr. Healthy Egg, a character that speaks with a funny voice, explaining the benefits of getting the needed portion of protein from a healthy source. Also, Mrs. Mama Egg. The housewife in Egypt is most likely the decision-maker of what to buy, especially food-related decisions. With a series of videos and visual posts, we were able to reach, engage, and delight Giza people.


  1. 94% of the first 30-second viewers watch the videos to the end! Interesting, huh?
  2. People who watch 95% of the video are 9% of the total reach.
  3. 1.2% of the total video viewers organically played the video (Organic Facebook reach is usually 2.2%, so this is actually good for a new page 😉 ).
  4. The average monthly page engagement rate is 28.8% of the average reach.


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Date: April 9, 2020

Category: Basic, Motion


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