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Edfa3ly is an application that helps you by completing your online purchase process on your behalf. The company also offers a home delivery service.


Edfa3ly is an online purchasing service that helps you buy things online with different payment methods, it offers variety and ease, and shipment tracking. The client needed outstanding awareness in no time, before the black friday which is a high-traffic season.


We decided that one high quality video is better than many videos, so we created the video, got people’s attention to focus on black Friday’s offers, then explained in detail how Edfa3ly helps with getting the best offers.


We posted the video on Youtube on 11/11/2018, by 23/11/2018 it already got one Million views! 


In the following videos, we explain to the customer that they can choose whatever they should please from any online e-commerce website, and Edfa3ly will help them buy everything they need while providing various payment methods.


Always a pleasure to work with ka2nat. Such professional and happy people and you know you’ll receive a quick and innovative service.

Hassna youssef – edfa3ly head of marketing


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Date: May 23, 2019

Category: Basic, E-Commerce, Motion


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